Bring Giving Into Your New Living

When a fellow Weight Watcher approached me during a meeting to tell me she has some clothes to give away, I immediately became suspicious and said in my head, “HEY LADY, I’m not looking for a SUGAR Mamma!”

After knowing the lady for several months, meeting her children, and sharing cat stories, I felt it would be impolite to turn down this warmhearted lady. Besides that, she sits behind me and she could end up being one of those ladies who makes angry faces behind my back because I turned down her chance to give – I’ll  be forever wondering why she snaps her head around whenever I turn to greet people.

Several weeks ago she approached me with an offer about how she had some stuff that didn’t fit her son because they were way to thin for him. I recall trying to not picture this elderly lady with squinting eyes scanning over my body to see if  I would be a likely candidate to inherit these scrawny blessings.

“These jeans are way to thin for him and they’re supposed to fit me”, I said in my heart with skepticism.

Last meeting, a bag of neatly folded clothes was handed over to me.

Have you had the chance to bring giving into your new living by blessing another Weight Watcher with a word of comfort or a gift of some kind? 

A few days ago, I looked at this bag of toothpick-fitting clothing and shrugged my shoulders while saying with a reluctant heart, “I guess I should try them on in case she asks me how they fit.”

When I climbed into the hand-me-down-jeans and tossed on these new-to-me-shirts, I was overwhelmed with shock that these skinny clothes fit – perfectly. When I looked at the designer labels and saw that they were from American Eagle Outfitters, I raised my head in disbelief. It has been a long time since I’ve worn anything from the more popular franchises and I have always walked away from those stores feeling disappointed for allowing myself to get too heavy to fit into popular threads.

Tomorrow, I will be thanking this lady with a homemade appreciation card that I make for for friends and family during the holidays. Next month, I will be heading to the mall to shop for new clothes and guess what store I will be checking out first – American Eagle.


Track by Faith

Have you ever been worried about gaining back the weight you have lost? Perhaps you don’t really trust that if you keep tracking and staying within your point range, you will never have to go back to where you once were.

I try my best to not be worried about how my new clothes will not fit tomorrow because of weight gain. One way to weaken the grip that worry can have over me is to put my confidence and faith in tracking. I know that tracking has worked in the past. It has to work today and tomorrow, right?

Have you ever lost your balance in the program and gave consideration to not working the program and go on your own?

I wonder if I’m one of the those people in the program who has to leave the program only to come back twenty pounds heavier than ever before telling everyone “I tried it my way and failed at it, so i guess I have to be here every week (sigh).”
This program used to be easy and fun but now my arms are swinging around trying to bring balance back to my walk and I’m starting to stumble.

Have you ever lost the joy of Weight Loss and got tired of the same routines and felt like moving on but you sit back and wonder, what is there to move on to?

Ha ha (lol) I can get lost in cynical thinking and in the past I fed it until it became this big ball of frustration choking out the joy of living. I’m done with that attitude and I’m moving on to continue being excited about weight loss and healthy living.

Today I’m Tracking by Faith, Bringing Back My Balance and Delighting in Weight Loss.

Have a super terrific day friends.

Losing Weight in Weight Watchers is Possible

For those starting Weight Watchers and for those who have a hard time with adding movement to their days: losing weight, is still possible.

During the first two months of being in the program, I was at a place in my life where I wasn’t able to move around much. I came to the program to get some help with my eating habits because they were out of control.

When I discovered that I was losing weight and bringing back the healthy me at the same time, I was greatly encouraged and it gave me more reasons to get moving more. Being  surrounded by people who shared my frustrations with working out and who had a history of eating more than what the body requires was a huge comfort and motivator.

Several months later, I was at a place where in order to continue to losing weight within a certain time frame, I needed to add more activity and movement. In addition to that, I found it helpful to pay more attention to what I was eating to see if I could make some more changes.

From what I’ve witness, most people can lose weight by just weight watching. There are a few people who may need additional help. The benefits of sticking to the program are huge and by losing 5% of your body fat, you have improved your health and longevity. I may not be able to do something active everyday but I try my best to walk at least three times a week.

Try your best to add more activity to your day, to track and weigh and to enjoy yourself through this exciting journey of being a Weight Watcher.

Climb the Tree Toward Healthy Victory!

I’ve been battling hunger these days. I’ve been facing a growing desire of wanting to eat carelessly.

I remember what it was like during the first few weeks of Weight Watchers. I had a ferocious appetite and I was on the hunt for junk food. It was my desperation in wanting a better life that kept me from cornering and devouring a lonely bag of chips. I wanted to drag every unhealthy bag of junk food into the valley of temporary fulfillment and feast away until there was nothing but a shinny, silver skeleton, reflecting the rays of an aching belly.
So what’s the point in Weight Watching if we always have to combat hunger pains? That’s one of the lies our body uses to lead us back into old living and thinking. Although there are tougher days, nothing is as bad as it once was.
Everyday I’m resistant and persistent in living better is something to be excited about. Every pound I’ve lost is a reason to celebrate. I remember what it took to climb into the tree of Weight Watchers Victory – I’m still climbing and hope you are too.

Have You Been Playing It Safe?

Last time I went shopping it was at a different grocery store. I was walking around the store wondering what to buy. I was starting to realize that my widow of options has significantly shrunk. I didn’t want to buy that over there because I didn’t have time to check the points and I couldn’t buy something different because I knew it would throw off my Smart Points routine.

I began to realize that I’m playing it safe, real safe.

For the past few months, all has been good, actually great. I know what works and I’m sticking to it. I’m getting scared to break out of my established habits and start adding different foods because it takes some effort and consideration and I don’t want to gain weight.

In the store I shop at every week, I know exactly what foods I need to buy to make it another week as a Weight Watcher.

I’ve been considering going back to the basics this week, getting in touch with some basic questions that gave me the confidence to get started as a Weight Watchers.

Have a great day.

Introduce Your Day to The Body Boost Way!

Yesterday at Weight Watchers, the weekly pamphlet that fell into our laps is all about boosting your body confidence. Our leader walked us through writing down things we like about our body. I found it a difficult exercise: because, in the past,  I’ve always been the type of person driven by insecurities and paralyzed by my image as a result of excessive weight gain.

Whether I’m dropping weight or gaining weight, the benefits of body acceptance will bring more functionality to my life.

One lady in yesterday’s meeting brought forth her passion for her personal lady humps. Because I’m usually the only good fellow in the meeting, I was surrounded by apologies for the conversations becoming more woman focused – I broke out in a shy and somewhat embarrassed laughter which was followed by the entire room laughing?

HELP! I’m laughing right now!

Today I’m introducing to my day the body boost way and coming up with a few things I can appreciate about my body so that I can move into more confidence.

What do you love about your body?

What’s the Method to Your Gladness

“Kill the Cliche before it leads me astray!” is what rolls around in my thoughts just about everyday. I don’t know about you but I’m the type of person who can’t stand hearing and doing the same thing over and over. Predictable and typical responses are like drops of acid falling down upon me until my excitement and zest for healthy pursuits takes a giant step into a different direction.
I know with absolute certainty that if my heart isn’t into something then I find myself chasing down other pursuits. If I’m not glad, excited, delighted, happy, pleased, content, thankful and appreciative of whatever I do: then, I’m pretty sure you can find me where I don’t want to be.
So how do we do it? How do we stay excited and motivated by doing the same things again and again? How do we open up a can of get-these-happy-bubbles-moving-again? What’s the method to strengthen our gladness?
Breathe New Excitement Into Tasteless Routines
I’ve heard of people in Weight Watchers who change up their routines because they know their routines will change them. Some have awakened new interest by challenging themselves to move from online tracking to handheld tracking. Other’s stay motivated through journal writing and experimenting with new recipes.
At our weekly meeting, our leader has a journal book that people borrow for a week so that they can write down their weekly eating practices. Many other people have used the same journal and through participation, it causes you to break out of yourself by knowing that other people are watching you. It’s the hall of fame where previous, ambitious Weight Watchers went the extra mile and now watch from a distance, cheering you on.
Graciously Address the Complacency
When people become complacent they become unaware of potential dangers because they no longer have a desire to push forward and to keep the passion alive. The potential danger for us in Weight Watchers is that we might : unknowingly, slip into old habits that got us nowhere. A gradual build up of not caring anymore can cause us to move on to something else. Being aware of this and dealing with thoughts that may contribute to complacency will help keep the garden unspotted so that lively thoughts can sprout.
Get Ambitious for the Nutritious
Neuroscientists say it’s impossible to be happy and sad at the same time. Could it also be true that you can’t wear ambitiousness and a suit lacking in zeal on the same day?
Some people are able to snap on happiness and other people have to work at it. What I love about our leader is that she gets excited over exercise. When I first heard this foreign remark, I sank into my chair wondering if she only said it to get us motivated. Over the months I kept a close eye on the prosperous members and discovered that the more you say or hear something, you start to like it. The more you like it, the more you love it. The more you love it, the more ambitious you’ll be toward something like nutritiousness.
Although I haven’t mastered the art of stick-to-it-day-by-day-or-else-you-will-decay, I’m working on it and I’m constantly developing practices that will help me continue turning what I need to do into something I love to do.
Happy March!

A Casual Stroll Turns Into a Catwalk

A Casual Stroll Turns Into a Catwalk When You’re a Weight Watcher

The other day I ran into my cousin and she was like “Oh man, you’re looking slim.”  My cousin is the type of person who never makes a comment about anything unless it really stirs up a worthy response. That really got me excited about my progress in Weight Watchers.

Expect these kind of comments to fall before you when you’re a Weight Watcher. If you hangout with the program and try your best to mix in some movement: eventually, you too will throw down those unwanted pounds and enter through the doors of better health and living.

My casual strolls are turning into a catwalk. I looked into the mirror and saw myself looking better than a cup cake. I no longer have to suck in my belly when I’m in the background of someone snapping a selfie. I’m planning a vacation to the mall and I plan to bring back a few suitcases full of freshly-pleasing-body-roaring-clothing.

Dim the Lights, Mr. Slim is Now on the Runway!