Bring Giving Into Your New Living

When a fellow Weight Watcher approached me during a meeting to tell me she has some clothes to give away, I immediately became suspicious and said in my head, “HEY LADY, I’m not looking for a SUGAR Mamma!”

After knowing the lady for several months, meeting her children, and sharing cat stories, I felt it would be impolite to turn down this warmhearted lady. Besides that, she sits behind me and she could end up being one of those ladies who makes angry faces behind my back because I turned down her chance to give – I’ll  be forever wondering why she snaps her head around whenever I turn to greet people.

Several weeks ago she approached me with an offer about how she had some stuff that didn’t fit her son because they were way to thin for him. I recall trying to not picture this elderly lady with squinting eyes scanning over my body to see if  I would be a likely candidate to inherit these scrawny blessings.

“These jeans are way to thin for him and they’re supposed to fit me”, I said in my heart with skepticism.

Last meeting, a bag of neatly folded clothes was handed over to me.

Have you had the chance to bring giving into your new living by blessing another Weight Watcher with a word of comfort or a gift of some kind? 

A few days ago, I looked at this bag of toothpick-fitting clothing and shrugged my shoulders while saying with a reluctant heart, “I guess I should try them on in case she asks me how they fit.”

When I climbed into the hand-me-down-jeans and tossed on these new-to-me-shirts, I was overwhelmed with shock that these skinny clothes fit – perfectly. When I looked at the designer labels and saw that they were from American Eagle Outfitters, I raised my head in disbelief. It has been a long time since I’ve worn anything from the more popular franchises and I have always walked away from those stores feeling disappointed for allowing myself to get too heavy to fit into popular threads.

Tomorrow, I will be thanking this lady with a homemade appreciation card that I make for for friends and family during the holidays. Next month, I will be heading to the mall to shop for new clothes and guess what store I will be checking out first – American Eagle.


Track by Faith

Have you ever been worried about gaining back the weight you have lost? Perhaps you don’t really trust that if you keep tracking and staying within your point range, you will never have to go back to where you once were.

I try my best to not be worried about how my new clothes will not fit tomorrow because of weight gain. One way to weaken the grip that worry can have over me is to put my confidence and faith in tracking. I know that tracking has worked in the past. It has to work today and tomorrow, right?

Have you ever lost your balance in the program and gave consideration to not working the program and go on your own?

I wonder if I’m one of the those people in the program who has to leave the program only to come back twenty pounds heavier than ever before telling everyone “I tried it my way and failed at it, so i guess I have to be here every week (sigh).”
This program used to be easy and fun but now my arms are swinging around trying to bring balance back to my walk and I’m starting to stumble.

Have you ever lost the joy of Weight Loss and got tired of the same routines and felt like moving on but you sit back and wonder, what is there to move on to?

Ha ha (lol) I can get lost in cynical thinking and in the past I fed it until it became this big ball of frustration choking out the joy of living. I’m done with that attitude and I’m moving on to continue being excited about weight loss and healthy living.

Today I’m Tracking by Faith, Bringing Back My Balance and Delighting in Weight Loss.

Have a super terrific day friends.

How Do You stir up gratefulness?

It’s the break of day and I’m captivated by the warmth of the sun poking through the window and falling upon my morning figure. Some physical aches and pains are beginning to emerge through the sand: like,  grumpy crabs with disruptive intentions to scare away my daily aspirations.

I tried to use this morning to improve myself through some personal studies but was overtaken by physical irritations and felt as if I were far out in the ocean drowning in frustration.   It’s taking me a long time to bring life to my body to carry out the workings of my inner desires.  There are times when I’m bitten by sand bugs of anxiety who worry about my difficulty in securing scholastic and career saturated pursuits – I keep hoping that someday I will rise out of bed and the challenges I have will be over. I am the type of person who has to pry open my toughened exterior like an oyster to bring out the pearl within. So I put to rest my unproductive efforts and run into the arms of one thing that releases me: the spirit of positive expression.

One habit that kept me going over the years is to set forth some time to encourage myself. If we are forever locked up inside ourselves never revealing what’s going on then there is little room for growth and an unhealthy thought can attract similar thoughts. Most of us would rather walk down the beeches of vitality then to sit in a puddle of negative thinking. Some of the methods we use to come out of ourselves are through prayer, movement, weight watchers, painting, studies, a loved one, a book, or a piece of writing

I am revived by stirring up a wave of gratitude that washes over me and through me allowing my spirit to dance the rhythmic pleasantries of the heart. I have so much to appreciate these days. Thankfulness leaps forth and sets free the essence of me. I can feel the gentle wind of positive affirmations rest comfortably in my mind as I gracefully lift up my hands presenting the comfort of “It’s going to be okay.”

My day has been rescued and awaken by gratitude – how do you stir up gratefulness?



You Can Overcome Whatever Stands Before You!

Are you prepared to face whatever stands before you?

Before joining Weight Watchers, I wasn’t able to face the mountain of unhealthy foods that towered around me. I was bewitched by the spell of saturated fats and my body captivated by its seductive charms. My hands, mouth, and taste buds came together like a pack of famished wolves unified by one purpose – to wipe out two mammoth looking burgers hidden between a forest of french fries. Many times I felt my belly gasping for fresh air because my pants were too tight. I often found myself limping home, with the scares of a heavy belly and the feeling of being over stuffed.  I hated that life.

Several months later, thanks to some support and some hard work, I’m now able to walk by any jungle of fast food spots and look from a distance and say “that’s no longer part of my new lifestyle.” I’ve learned some skills that help me face whatever comes into my life. I’ve grown in persistence and I’m more than ready to find a solution to overcome whatever stands before me. I may from time to time snack away at something greasy: but only if it fits comfortably within my Smart Points range.

I’m not in a hurry to go back there, I’m enjoying the benefits of fresh foods – I’m enjoying the rewards of weight loss.


Add a Little Colour to Your Day

Hello there,

I need to bring out some pencil crayons and add a little color to my day, hopefully that’s okay with you, lol.

I’m having one of those days where because I’m not pleased at the growth in the other areas of my life that somehow I feel out of harmony…..I’m sure you know what I mean.

I’ve been coming to realize that I have a crash and burn way of living and it has been my downfall in the past – I’m sure you have challenges too, right?

I’ll try and explain it to you. (hold on for sec)

You know the kind of thinking that says because I haven’t been doing as well in another part of my life that I have to sabotage all the good stuff.

Just plain crazy thinking eh?

.You know…. as I sit and write….. I’m thinking that…. I would rather have room to bring to maturity the slow-to-grow-up parts of my life than to let fall, the things that I’m really happy with.

Wow, this is some pretty-good, positive stuff I’m thinking here.

By the way, that’s why I do this daily posting thingy, to break out of all that negative trash and to lift me back into good thinking where I can choose the right colours to brighten up my day.

You’re Amazing!!!….thanks so much for listening to me blab…oh, and….just for today

let us….. eat something healthy, track, be grateful, bounce back, drink more water, get exercise, think positively, stick with weight watching, be happy, love ourselves, put on a good attitude, never give up, attend a meeting, go for a walk, and pray more.

..because we’re worth it!

What Will You Paint on Your Canvas of Life?

Recently, I’ve been looking into how I can start each day by bringing out an unwrapped canvas to paint out my aspirations.
What I can envision is what I can bring into my life, right?
There have been times, when I peeked into yesterday and could only see unproductiveness, failures and discouragements. I used to be so unaware of how I allowed the weight of my failures and the attack of personal setbacks to bleed into my day, smearing the outcome of my future focus and direction.
At night, when I sat down and took a look at what I had painted, I usually became overly depressed and disappointed in myself. I would end up going to bed with the frustrations of the day dripping like acid on my brain. When I had awoken, the greasy smell of self defeat still burned in the depths of my mind causing me to stumble before I even began.
Thankfully, one cheerful morning, I awoke to a brilliantly lite field, abounding with flowers of hope. I could feel myself moving into a ray of renewed purpose while I gazed upon a glittering butterfly, fluttering into attainable goals. The brightness of a never-give-up-attitude and the warmth of it’s-going-to-be-okay, massaged my face. I came to realize that I was blessed with a blank canvas when I wake up and I was walking into, the Joy of Painting!
With a wonderfully-charged smile, I reached for a dazzling shade of green to represent determination, selected a silky purple to show my ambition and dipped my brush into a gorgeous blue that displayed what I was looking forward to.
It took a lot of practice to be able to brush into my day good tracking habits and to develop a steady attitude of persistence. Sometimes I get tired and sink into a chair only to find myself thinking about how it used to be and I spring to life again saying “I’m sick and tired of that way of living, I want more out of life”
And if I paint and paint all day and at the end of the day when I sit down with a green tea in hand to admire what I’ve painted: and, I don’t like what I see, I can always say
“It will be alright: because, tomorrow, I will be given a new canvas to paint on.”