Track by Faith

Have you ever been worried about gaining back the weight you have lost? Perhaps you don’t really trust that if you keep tracking and staying within your point range, you will never have to go back to where you once were.

I try my best to not be worried about how my new clothes will not fit tomorrow because of weight gain. One way to weaken the grip that worry can have over me is to put my confidence and faith in tracking. I know that tracking has worked in the past. It has to work today and tomorrow, right?

Have you ever lost your balance in the program and gave consideration to not working the program and go on your own?

I wonder if I’m one of the those people in the program who has to leave the program only to come back twenty pounds heavier than ever before telling everyone “I tried it my way and failed at it, so i guess I have to be here every week (sigh).”
This program used to be easy and fun but now my arms are swinging around trying to bring balance back to my walk and I’m starting to stumble.

Have you ever lost the joy of Weight Loss and got tired of the same routines and felt like moving on but you sit back and wonder, what is there to move on to?

Ha ha (lol) I can get lost in cynical thinking and in the past I fed it until it became this big ball of frustration choking out the joy of living. I’m done with that attitude and I’m moving on to continue being excited about weight loss and healthy living.

Today I’m Tracking by Faith, Bringing Back My Balance and Delighting in Weight Loss.

Have a super terrific day friends.


Losing Weight in Weight Watchers is Possible

For those starting Weight Watchers and for those who have a hard time with adding movement to their days: losing weight, is still possible.

During the first two months of being in the program, I was at a place in my life where I wasn’t able to move around much. I came to the program to get some help with my eating habits because they were out of control.

When I discovered that I was losing weight and bringing back the healthy me at the same time, I was greatly encouraged and it gave me more reasons to get moving more. Being  surrounded by people who shared my frustrations with working out and who had a history of eating more than what the body requires was a huge comfort and motivator.

Several months later, I was at a place where in order to continue to losing weight within a certain time frame, I needed to add more activity and movement. In addition to that, I found it helpful to pay more attention to what I was eating to see if I could make some more changes.

From what I’ve witness, most people can lose weight by just weight watching. There are a few people who may need additional help. The benefits of sticking to the program are huge and by losing 5% of your body fat, you have improved your health and longevity. I may not be able to do something active everyday but I try my best to walk at least three times a week.

Try your best to add more activity to your day, to track and weigh and to enjoy yourself through this exciting journey of being a Weight Watcher.

Climb the Tree Toward Healthy Victory!

I’ve been battling hunger these days. I’ve been facing a growing desire of wanting to eat carelessly.

I remember what it was like during the first few weeks of Weight Watchers. I had a ferocious appetite and I was on the hunt for junk food. It was my desperation in wanting a better life that kept me from cornering and devouring a lonely bag of chips. I wanted to drag every unhealthy bag of junk food into the valley of temporary fulfillment and feast away until there was nothing but a shinny, silver skeleton, reflecting the rays of an aching belly.
So what’s the point in Weight Watching if we always have to combat hunger pains? That’s one of the lies our body uses to lead us back into old living and thinking. Although there are tougher days, nothing is as bad as it once was.
Everyday I’m resistant and persistent in living better is something to be excited about. Every pound I’ve lost is a reason to celebrate. I remember what it took to climb into the tree of Weight Watchers Victory – I’m still climbing and hope you are too.

Have You Been Playing It Safe?

Last time I went shopping it was at a different grocery store. I was walking around the store wondering what to buy. I was starting to realize that my widow of options has significantly shrunk. I didn’t want to buy that over there because I didn’t have time to check the points and I couldn’t buy something different because I knew it would throw off my Smart Points routine.

I began to realize that I’m playing it safe, real safe.

For the past few months, all has been good, actually great. I know what works and I’m sticking to it. I’m getting scared to break out of my established habits and start adding different foods because it takes some effort and consideration and I don’t want to gain weight.

In the store I shop at every week, I know exactly what foods I need to buy to make it another week as a Weight Watcher.

I’ve been considering going back to the basics this week, getting in touch with some basic questions that gave me the confidence to get started as a Weight Watchers.

Have a great day.

Bring Back Your Knack For Tracking

I’m taking care of my little cousin for a few days. She’s five and likes to dig into everything to find the sweet tasting goodies and to bring out something fun to play with. I always hide all my cologne and baking goodies when she’s over because she’ll make a mess of them. I kind of got busy and  lost in tracking. I know I’ve been close to spending all my daily points and thankfully haven’t gone overboard. All the tracking I did in the past few months really paid off because it gave me some guidance when I was too busy to monitor everything. So today I’m bringing back my knack for tracking.

Have a Great Day friends!


Keep At It Until You’re Lean Enough to Fit Into Your Old, Mean-Looking Jeans.


I’m like a prisoner today trying to escape from the walls of tracking my own food. I’ve teamed up with my cynical bunkmate who keeps whispering in my ear how I need to break free from all this tedious self-monitoring and stop attending meetings once a week like I’m a sick junkie looking for a fix. The shotgun of unrestrained hunger keeps knocking me down and I’m finding myself searching surrounding cells for a quick snack of any kind that will smash down cravings.  I can feel the thrill of excitement once again as I dash across the yard. I can almost taste the freedom as I toss up my homemade rope. I am so close to smelling the roses of doing-it-my-way. A shot is fired, I suddenly feel myself falling backward and I’m gripped with…


I’m like a well-studied student who has been rewarded a chance to skip school and go straight into the theme park of a better living. My engines of improved-performance are revved up and I’m stepping on the pedal toward the life-time medal.  My tracking sometimes swerves off the road  but I got my hands on turn-the-corner-and-come-around-again-persistence. I’m looking in the mirror for blind spots and keep swerving away from lackluster personalities. I’m not going too fast and I’m not going to slow. I got the pace down and I will get there when I do. I will keep at it. And when I get there,  I’ll be ready to slip into my old, mean-looking jeans and ride the roller coaster of fitting-into-the-clothes-I-used-to-wear.

TGIF & Enjoy the Weekend Friends!