Losing Weight in Weight Watchers is Possible

For those starting Weight Watchers and for those who have a hard time with adding movement to their days: losing weight, is still possible.

During the first two months of being in the program, I was at a place in my life where I wasn’t able to move around much. I came to the program to get some help with my eating habits because they were out of control.

When I discovered that I was losing weight and bringing back the healthy me at the same time, I was greatly encouraged and it gave me more reasons to get moving more. Being  surrounded by people who shared my frustrations with working out and who had a history of eating more than what the body requires was a huge comfort and motivator.

Several months later, I was at a place where in order to continue to losing weight within a certain time frame, I needed to add more activity and movement. In addition to that, I found it helpful to pay more attention to what I was eating to see if I could make some more changes.

From what I’ve witness, most people can lose weight by just weight watching. There are a few people who may need additional help. The benefits of sticking to the program are huge and by losing 5% of your body fat, you have improved your health and longevity. I may not be able to do something active everyday but I try my best to walk at least three times a week.

Try your best to add more activity to your day, to track and weigh and to enjoy yourself through this exciting journey of being a Weight Watcher.