Great Achievers Find Time To Take a Breather!

When I’m too busy and overworked, I often find myself becoming grouchy, stressed and irritated. I fall helplessly into the arms of thoughtlessness. The flag of achievement that I’ve been carrying around to plant firmly at the top of the mountain is now dragging behind me. I find myself digging into the cupboards of relief to disappear into something sugary sweet.

I’ve watched from a distance other people who can work endlessly and tirelessly,  year after year, with little need of slowing down and taking a break.  Decades later, many of these people find themselves burnt out with many health problems coming to the surface. It has taken me years to appreciate what I can bring to the table of life and that I’m not the career-warrior I had once envisioned for myself. I’m making the most out what I do have.

Recognizing the body’s need to take a break is one way great achievers of personal goals find renewed energy to carry the flag to the top of the mountain. I’m definitely going to enjoy reaching my goals but I’m also enjoying the journey toward my goals. Getting proper rest and taking it easy once in a while makes life more satisfying.

I hope you too can find some time to catch up on some rest, to relax and to take it easy.


Introduce Your Day to The Body Boost Way!

Yesterday at Weight Watchers, the weekly pamphlet that fell into our laps is all about boosting your body confidence. Our leader walked us through writing down things we like about our body. I found it a difficult exercise: because, in the past,  I’ve always been the type of person driven by insecurities and paralyzed by my image as a result of excessive weight gain.

Whether I’m dropping weight or gaining weight, the benefits of body acceptance will bring more functionality to my life.

One lady in yesterday’s meeting brought forth her passion for her personal lady humps. Because I’m usually the only good fellow in the meeting, I was surrounded by apologies for the conversations becoming more woman focused – I broke out in a shy and somewhat embarrassed laughter which was followed by the entire room laughing?

HELP! I’m laughing right now!

Today I’m introducing to my day the body boost way and coming up with a few things I can appreciate about my body so that I can move into more confidence.

What do you love about your body?

What’s the Method to Your Gladness

“Kill the Cliche before it leads me astray!” is what rolls around in my thoughts just about everyday. I don’t know about you but I’m the type of person who can’t stand hearing and doing the same thing over and over. Predictable and typical responses are like drops of acid falling down upon me until my excitement and zest for healthy pursuits takes a giant step into a different direction.
I know with absolute certainty that if my heart isn’t into something then I find myself chasing down other pursuits. If I’m not glad, excited, delighted, happy, pleased, content, thankful and appreciative of whatever I do: then, I’m pretty sure you can find me where I don’t want to be.
So how do we do it? How do we stay excited and motivated by doing the same things again and again? How do we open up a can of get-these-happy-bubbles-moving-again? What’s the method to strengthen our gladness?
Breathe New Excitement Into Tasteless Routines
I’ve heard of people in Weight Watchers who change up their routines because they know their routines will change them. Some have awakened new interest by challenging themselves to move from online tracking to handheld tracking. Other’s stay motivated through journal writing and experimenting with new recipes.
At our weekly meeting, our leader has a journal book that people borrow for a week so that they can write down their weekly eating practices. Many other people have used the same journal and through participation, it causes you to break out of yourself by knowing that other people are watching you. It’s the hall of fame where previous, ambitious Weight Watchers went the extra mile and now watch from a distance, cheering you on.
Graciously Address the Complacency
When people become complacent they become unaware of potential dangers because they no longer have a desire to push forward and to keep the passion alive. The potential danger for us in Weight Watchers is that we might : unknowingly, slip into old habits that got us nowhere. A gradual build up of not caring anymore can cause us to move on to something else. Being aware of this and dealing with thoughts that may contribute to complacency will help keep the garden unspotted so that lively thoughts can sprout.
Get Ambitious for the Nutritious
Neuroscientists say it’s impossible to be happy and sad at the same time. Could it also be true that you can’t wear ambitiousness and a suit lacking in zeal on the same day?
Some people are able to snap on happiness and other people have to work at it. What I love about our leader is that she gets excited over exercise. When I first heard this foreign remark, I sank into my chair wondering if she only said it to get us motivated. Over the months I kept a close eye on the prosperous members and discovered that the more you say or hear something, you start to like it. The more you like it, the more you love it. The more you love it, the more ambitious you’ll be toward something like nutritiousness.
Although I haven’t mastered the art of stick-to-it-day-by-day-or-else-you-will-decay, I’m working on it and I’m constantly developing practices that will help me continue turning what I need to do into something I love to do.
Happy March!

A Casual Stroll Turns Into a Catwalk

A Casual Stroll Turns Into a Catwalk When You’re a Weight Watcher

The other day I ran into my cousin and she was like “Oh man, you’re looking slim.”  My cousin is the type of person who never makes a comment about anything unless it really stirs up a worthy response. That really got me excited about my progress in Weight Watchers.

Expect these kind of comments to fall before you when you’re a Weight Watcher. If you hangout with the program and try your best to mix in some movement: eventually, you too will throw down those unwanted pounds and enter through the doors of better health and living.

My casual strolls are turning into a catwalk. I looked into the mirror and saw myself looking better than a cup cake. I no longer have to suck in my belly when I’m in the background of someone snapping a selfie. I’m planning a vacation to the mall and I plan to bring back a few suitcases full of freshly-pleasing-body-roaring-clothing.

Dim the Lights, Mr. Slim is Now on the Runway!


Own Your Day by Snapping On a New Attitude 

During weekdays I participate in the get-moving-before-the-sun walking Program. I’ve always loved hanging out in malls and when I heard about a chance to get some exercise by walking and staring-at-new-stuff-through-pristine-windows long before the stores open, I blurted out enthusiastically “Can somebody put my name down, please?”
Most people know my face and I know theirs because we’ve been seeing each other for months now. This morning a regular walker greeted me with a quiet hello and it took me a while to respond back because I was hording myself to myself. 
Most mornings I’m a mechanical mess and I have to roll my body around for a few hours until my parts spring to life. My face usually sinks into the ground upon each step as I watch my clumsy feet trying to embrace my energetic music.
After I responded to the lady with my own version of hello soaked in a withdrawn vibe , I began a discussion in my head about how I’m not going to acknowledge these people because I’m not here to make friends. I was starting to feel as if I were climbing up a hill leading into my old introverted way of living.
Several steps later, I was awakened to the reason why I’m in this mall – to improve myself. An unproductive moment had been shaken and replaced by a new perspective. People play a big part in wholistic living and I want to be an approachable, loving and engaging person. 
I began to see how I can really own the day by snapping-on a new attitude.

Bring Back Your Knack For Tracking

I’m taking care of my little cousin for a few days. She’s five and likes to dig into everything to find the sweet tasting goodies and to bring out something fun to play with. I always hide all my cologne and baking goodies when she’s over because she’ll make a mess of them. I kind of got busy and  lost in tracking. I know I’ve been close to spending all my daily points and thankfully haven’t gone overboard. All the tracking I did in the past few months really paid off because it gave me some guidance when I was too busy to monitor everything. So today I’m bringing back my knack for tracking.

Have a Great Day friends!

Put On Your Boots and Make a Splash

Welcome to another amazing day where you get to put on your boots and make a splash into Weight Watching.

Jump into your day with a new attitude because you’re worth a leap: no, you’re worth a whole lot of leaping!

Bring out your Spring by Tracking, Weighting and Measuring.

Have a remarkable day friends!


Keep At It Until You’re Lean Enough to Fit Into Your Old, Mean-Looking Jeans.


I’m like a prisoner today trying to escape from the walls of tracking my own food. I’ve teamed up with my cynical bunkmate who keeps whispering in my ear how I need to break free from all this tedious self-monitoring and stop attending meetings once a week like I’m a sick junkie looking for a fix. The shotgun of unrestrained hunger keeps knocking me down and I’m finding myself searching surrounding cells for a quick snack of any kind that will smash down cravings.  I can feel the thrill of excitement once again as I dash across the yard. I can almost taste the freedom as I toss up my homemade rope. I am so close to smelling the roses of doing-it-my-way. A shot is fired, I suddenly feel myself falling backward and I’m gripped with…


I’m like a well-studied student who has been rewarded a chance to skip school and go straight into the theme park of a better living. My engines of improved-performance are revved up and I’m stepping on the pedal toward the life-time medal.  My tracking sometimes swerves off the road  but I got my hands on turn-the-corner-and-come-around-again-persistence. I’m looking in the mirror for blind spots and keep swerving away from lackluster personalities. I’m not going too fast and I’m not going to slow. I got the pace down and I will get there when I do. I will keep at it. And when I get there,  I’ll be ready to slip into my old, mean-looking jeans and ride the roller coaster of fitting-into-the-clothes-I-used-to-wear.

TGIF & Enjoy the Weekend Friends!



Gallop into Personal Conquest.

Once you’re on the horse of empowered living you can either put all your passion into it or your energy will be channeled into something else such as living a life that is unfulfilling.
Once you’re galloping at a steady pace, hold on and never let go. If your legs are tired from too much trotting than sit down in the pastures of prayer, silence or meditation until you’re renewed. If you are surrounded by the flies of anxiety than swat them away so that the firebugs of awakened-life can dance once again.
I’m not going to allow other influences take the reigns of my eating and lead me where I don’t want to go. I have been sipping from the canteen of conquest, my goals upon the horizon of healthy living are coming into focus and I can feel the wind of well-being blowing through my hair.
The pace has been set: what will you do to maintain it?
Have a terrific day friends!

How Do You stir up gratefulness?

It’s the break of day and I’m captivated by the warmth of the sun poking through the window and falling upon my morning figure. Some physical aches and pains are beginning to emerge through the sand: like,  grumpy crabs with disruptive intentions to scare away my daily aspirations.

I tried to use this morning to improve myself through some personal studies but was overtaken by physical irritations and felt as if I were far out in the ocean drowning in frustration.   It’s taking me a long time to bring life to my body to carry out the workings of my inner desires.  There are times when I’m bitten by sand bugs of anxiety who worry about my difficulty in securing scholastic and career saturated pursuits – I keep hoping that someday I will rise out of bed and the challenges I have will be over. I am the type of person who has to pry open my toughened exterior like an oyster to bring out the pearl within. So I put to rest my unproductive efforts and run into the arms of one thing that releases me: the spirit of positive expression.

One habit that kept me going over the years is to set forth some time to encourage myself. If we are forever locked up inside ourselves never revealing what’s going on then there is little room for growth and an unhealthy thought can attract similar thoughts. Most of us would rather walk down the beeches of vitality then to sit in a puddle of negative thinking. Some of the methods we use to come out of ourselves are through prayer, movement, weight watchers, painting, studies, a loved one, a book, or a piece of writing

I am revived by stirring up a wave of gratitude that washes over me and through me allowing my spirit to dance the rhythmic pleasantries of the heart. I have so much to appreciate these days. Thankfulness leaps forth and sets free the essence of me. I can feel the gentle wind of positive affirmations rest comfortably in my mind as I gracefully lift up my hands presenting the comfort of “It’s going to be okay.”

My day has been rescued and awaken by gratitude – how do you stir up gratefulness?