What Keeps You Going?

“At first, one takes baby steps until your able to walk out the new lifestyle. Then, it’s remembering where you came from and developing an attitude of Never-Wanting-To-Go-Back!”

I still recall how difficult it was to get started with the new life style when I first joined Weight Watchers. I was worn down by many failed attempts and overly stuffed with shame for allowing myself to become so heavy – I needed a lot of work.
At first, the program was difficult to get the rhythm down. I had never tracked my eating habits before. I knew what I wanted out of life and had seen many other people achieve success and wanted that too.
Thankfully, I stuck with the teachings and applied them to my life. Over the months, I found myself walking with renewed confidence and I was getting more comfortable with walking.
What really kept me going is thinking back to those first days and how I desperately wanted to start a new chapter.
Today, my life isn’t free from difficulty but in comparison to those days, it’s a heck of a lot better.
What keeps me going is remembering those first days and Never Wanting To Go Back.
What keeps you going?


Continue to Make Good Food Choices

Would you rather fill up with unhealthy treats or fit into a more comfortable outfit because you choose to make good food choices?
May your day be blessed with making good food choices.
In the past I used every chance I got as an excuse to indulge in my deepest food desires. Recently I’ve been working on breaking this destructive habit that keeps me from reaching my goals.
I don’t want the life of always being stuffed and filled with fat-contributing foods. I envision the day when I can step into more comfortable and fitter looking clothes – don’t you?
Happy Valentine’s Day friends and follow your heart into loving your health!

Prepare Your Mind for Weight Watching.

What do you do to prepare yourself for another productive day of weight watching?
I’m the type of person who benefits from setting the tone of my day by spending several minutes waking up my mind to my goals and direction. I usually sit down with a cup of coffee and think over what I need to develop.
Then I create a media posting representing my focus. Today I’m working on the concept of how to not get bored quickly and how to stay excited about my goals – that way, achieving whatever I put my mind to becomes a lot easier.
I often ask myself, do I need to get more aggressive in my tracking or maybe add more exercise to my day? Would I benefit from trying out some new foods and what can I do to keep Weight Watching fresh and exciting?
I’ve noticed that there are people out there who don’t have to work hard at something in order to have success. Some can quit smoking by just stopping, others can keep their workout routine going and for some, losing weight isn’t hard for them. 
If you’re like me, just getting started is difficult and in order to follow through with what I started, I need to establish a deep connected in order to have lifelong success.
Whatever works for you keep doing it? And if you haven’t found anything, keeping looking until you find something.
Have another amazingly terrific day of Weight Watching friends.