Welcome to Your Life.

Welcome to Your Life: It Has Been Waiting for You!

Sometimes I wake up feeling as if I’m living a life that I don’t even own . Maybe I’m thinking about past disappointments and or uncertain as to where I’m going. There have been many days when I’ve awoken to a mind still wanting to hold on to whatever I was dreaming about. I often don’t want to wake up to the daily challenges and would rather fall back into the warmth and comfort of sleep.
Every morning I wander around my apartment with a blurred focus as I wait for my senses to dress up in my daily pursuits. I’ve learned from years of experience to tread softly because I could easily consume the largest breakfast ever and inject myself with a shot of depression or discouragement.
That’s why I’ve been hanging up a sign in my mind that says “Welcome to your life. It has been waiting for you!” 
Every day I separate myself from lingering dreams and climb into the skin surrounding this soul glued within. I break the chains of past failures and cut the strings of future fears. Have you ever noticed that best of you always waits patiently in the background for the chance to be let loose so that you can plunge into the-best-that-life-has-for-you? 
This is my life and every moment I’m alive I have been given the chance to own it. I can use to serve my faith, waste it away with reckless living and eating. I can sail the world or take a walk to admire what’s around me.
Do you own your life and what are you doing to embrace it?


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