Climb the Tree Toward Healthy Victory!

I’ve been battling hunger these days. I’ve been facing a growing desire of wanting to eat carelessly.

I remember what it was like during the first few weeks of Weight Watchers. I had a ferocious appetite and I was on the hunt for junk food. It was my desperation in wanting a better life that kept me from cornering and devouring a lonely bag of chips. I wanted to drag every unhealthy bag of junk food into the valley of temporary fulfillment and feast away until there was nothing but a shinny, silver skeleton, reflecting the rays of an aching belly.
So what’s the point in Weight Watching if we always have to combat hunger pains? That’s one of the lies our body uses to lead us back into old living and thinking. Although there are tougher days, nothing is as bad as it once was.
Everyday I’m resistant and persistent in living better is something to be excited about. Every pound I’ve lost is a reason to celebrate. I remember what it took to climb into the tree of Weight Watchers Victory – I’m still climbing and hope you are too.


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