Great Achievers Find Time To Take a Breather!

When I’m too busy and overworked, I often find myself becoming grouchy, stressed and irritated. I fall helplessly into the arms of thoughtlessness. The flag of achievement that I’ve been carrying around to plant firmly at the top of the mountain is now dragging behind me. I find myself digging into the cupboards of relief to disappear into something sugary sweet.

I’ve watched from a distance other people who can work endlessly and tirelessly,  year after year, with little need of slowing down and taking a break.  Decades later, many of these people find themselves burnt out with many health problems coming to the surface. It has taken me years to appreciate what I can bring to the table of life and that I’m not the career-warrior I had once envisioned for myself. I’m making the most out what I do have.

Recognizing the body’s need to take a break is one way great achievers of personal goals find renewed energy to carry the flag to the top of the mountain. I’m definitely going to enjoy reaching my goals but I’m also enjoying the journey toward my goals. Getting proper rest and taking it easy once in a while makes life more satisfying.

I hope you too can find some time to catch up on some rest, to relax and to take it easy.


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