Introduce Your Day to The Body Boost Way!

Yesterday at Weight Watchers, the weekly pamphlet that fell into our laps is all about boosting your body confidence. Our leader walked us through writing down things we like about our body. I found it a difficult exercise: because, in the past,  I’ve always been the type of person driven by insecurities and paralyzed by my image as a result of excessive weight gain.

Whether I’m dropping weight or gaining weight, the benefits of body acceptance will bring more functionality to my life.

One lady in yesterday’s meeting brought forth her passion for her personal lady humps. Because I’m usually the only good fellow in the meeting, I was surrounded by apologies for the conversations becoming more woman focused – I broke out in a shy and somewhat embarrassed laughter which was followed by the entire room laughing?

HELP! I’m laughing right now!

Today I’m introducing to my day the body boost way and coming up with a few things I can appreciate about my body so that I can move into more confidence.

What do you love about your body?


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