A Casual Stroll Turns Into a Catwalk

A Casual Stroll Turns Into a Catwalk When You’re a Weight Watcher

The other day I ran into my cousin and she was like “Oh man, you’re looking slim.”  My cousin is the type of person who never makes a comment about anything unless it really stirs up a worthy response. That really got me excited about my progress in Weight Watchers.

Expect these kind of comments to fall before you when you’re a Weight Watcher. If you hangout with the program and try your best to mix in some movement: eventually, you too will throw down those unwanted pounds and enter through the doors of better health and living.

My casual strolls are turning into a catwalk. I looked into the mirror and saw myself looking better than a cup cake. I no longer have to suck in my belly when I’m in the background of someone snapping a selfie. I’m planning a vacation to the mall and I plan to bring back a few suitcases full of freshly-pleasing-body-roaring-clothing.

Dim the Lights, Mr. Slim is Now on the Runway!



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