Own Your Day by Snapping On a New Attitude 

During weekdays I participate in the get-moving-before-the-sun walking Program. I’ve always loved hanging out in malls and when I heard about a chance to get some exercise by walking and staring-at-new-stuff-through-pristine-windows long before the stores open, I blurted out enthusiastically “Can somebody put my name down, please?”
Most people know my face and I know theirs because we’ve been seeing each other for months now. This morning a regular walker greeted me with a quiet hello and it took me a while to respond back because I was hording myself to myself. 
Most mornings I’m a mechanical mess and I have to roll my body around for a few hours until my parts spring to life. My face usually sinks into the ground upon each step as I watch my clumsy feet trying to embrace my energetic music.
After I responded to the lady with my own version of hello soaked in a withdrawn vibe , I began a discussion in my head about how I’m not going to acknowledge these people because I’m not here to make friends. I was starting to feel as if I were climbing up a hill leading into my old introverted way of living.
Several steps later, I was awakened to the reason why I’m in this mall – to improve myself. An unproductive moment had been shaken and replaced by a new perspective. People play a big part in wholistic living and I want to be an approachable, loving and engaging person. 
I began to see how I can really own the day by snapping-on a new attitude.


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