Keep At It Until You’re Lean Enough to Fit Into Your Old, Mean-Looking Jeans.


I’m like a prisoner today trying to escape from the walls of tracking my own food. I’ve teamed up with my cynical bunkmate who keeps whispering in my ear how I need to break free from all this tedious self-monitoring and stop attending meetings once a week like I’m a sick junkie looking for a fix. The shotgun of unrestrained hunger keeps knocking me down and I’m finding myself searching surrounding cells for a quick snack of any kind that will smash down cravings.  I can feel the thrill of excitement once again as I dash across the yard. I can almost taste the freedom as I toss up my homemade rope. I am so close to smelling the roses of doing-it-my-way. A shot is fired, I suddenly feel myself falling backward and I’m gripped with…


I’m like a well-studied student who has been rewarded a chance to skip school and go straight into the theme park of a better living. My engines of improved-performance are revved up and I’m stepping on the pedal toward the life-time medal.  My tracking sometimes swerves off the road  but I got my hands on turn-the-corner-and-come-around-again-persistence. I’m looking in the mirror for blind spots and keep swerving away from lackluster personalities. I’m not going too fast and I’m not going to slow. I got the pace down and I will get there when I do. I will keep at it. And when I get there,  I’ll be ready to slip into my old, mean-looking jeans and ride the roller coaster of fitting-into-the-clothes-I-used-to-wear.

TGIF & Enjoy the Weekend Friends!




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