Gallop into Personal Conquest.

Once you’re on the horse of empowered living you can either put all your passion into it or your energy will be channeled into something else such as living a life that is unfulfilling.
Once you’re galloping at a steady pace, hold on and never let go. If your legs are tired from too much trotting than sit down in the pastures of prayer, silence or meditation until you’re renewed. If you are surrounded by the flies of anxiety than swat them away so that the firebugs of awakened-life can dance once again.
I’m not going to allow other influences take the reigns of my eating and lead me where I don’t want to go. I have been sipping from the canteen of conquest, my goals upon the horizon of healthy living are coming into focus and I can feel the wind of well-being blowing through my hair.
The pace has been set: what will you do to maintain it?
Have a terrific day friends!


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