How Do You stir up gratefulness?

It’s the break of day and I’m captivated by the warmth of the sun poking through the window and falling upon my morning figure. Some physical aches and pains are beginning to emerge through the sand: like,  grumpy crabs with disruptive intentions to scare away my daily aspirations.

I tried to use this morning to improve myself through some personal studies but was overtaken by physical irritations and felt as if I were far out in the ocean drowning in frustration.   It’s taking me a long time to bring life to my body to carry out the workings of my inner desires.  There are times when I’m bitten by sand bugs of anxiety who worry about my difficulty in securing scholastic and career saturated pursuits – I keep hoping that someday I will rise out of bed and the challenges I have will be over. I am the type of person who has to pry open my toughened exterior like an oyster to bring out the pearl within. So I put to rest my unproductive efforts and run into the arms of one thing that releases me: the spirit of positive expression.

One habit that kept me going over the years is to set forth some time to encourage myself. If we are forever locked up inside ourselves never revealing what’s going on then there is little room for growth and an unhealthy thought can attract similar thoughts. Most of us would rather walk down the beeches of vitality then to sit in a puddle of negative thinking. Some of the methods we use to come out of ourselves are through prayer, movement, weight watchers, painting, studies, a loved one, a book, or a piece of writing

I am revived by stirring up a wave of gratitude that washes over me and through me allowing my spirit to dance the rhythmic pleasantries of the heart. I have so much to appreciate these days. Thankfulness leaps forth and sets free the essence of me. I can feel the gentle wind of positive affirmations rest comfortably in my mind as I gracefully lift up my hands presenting the comfort of “It’s going to be okay.”

My day has been rescued and awaken by gratitude – how do you stir up gratefulness?




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