What Drives You to Not Give Up?

Hundreds of years ago, we were thinner because we were forced to chase down our food and make our own clothes to survive. Today we are heavier because we don’t have the same drive pushing us to eat better and get more exercise: unless, we are energized by purpose and determined to reach our goals.
What Drives You to Not Give Up?
Today I had to push myself to get going and plug myself back into my goals. I said in a recent Weight Watchers meeting that in the past I have often come into something with explosive energy only to quickly fade away and drop back into my old habits. I want to break that habit of giving up so I can continue pushing forward with the same energy, commitment and determination I had when I was new to Weight Watchers. 
But how is this done? How does one ignite persistence and stir up desire toward ones goals until it consumes you, thrusting you into an unstoppable need to be an achiever of what you want out of life?
Before joining Weight Watchers, I was desperate to change and was willing to do anything that would help me improve my life. 
Perhaps one way to cause more motivation to sprout forth is to burn with intense desire toward reaching what’s ahead of me. At the same time to deeply feel what I left behind and how displeased I was living in that part of my life. All I need to do is rest between the two places and depending on how vivid these two points are, it should be enough to keep me moving forward.
I think I may be on to something as a result of writing this morning devotion. I have fanned into flame new desires that can be spent on reaching my goals. If I keep feeding these intentions, then tomorrow is going to be a lot easier when I bring my mind into focus once again.
Have an awesome day friends..


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