You Can Overcome Whatever Stands Before You!

Are you prepared to face whatever stands before you?

Before joining Weight Watchers, I wasn’t able to face the mountain of unhealthy foods that towered around me. I was bewitched by the spell of saturated fats and my body captivated by its seductive charms. My hands, mouth, and taste buds came together like a pack of famished wolves unified by one purpose – to wipe out two mammoth looking burgers hidden between a forest of french fries. Many times I felt my belly gasping for fresh air because my pants were too tight. I often found myself limping home, with the scares of a heavy belly and the feeling of being over stuffed.  I hated that life.

Several months later, thanks to some support and some hard work, I’m now able to walk by any jungle of fast food spots and look from a distance and say “that’s no longer part of my new lifestyle.” I’ve learned some skills that help me face whatever comes into my life. I’ve grown in persistence and I’m more than ready to find a solution to overcome whatever stands before me. I may from time to time snack away at something greasy: but only if it fits comfortably within my Smart Points range.

I’m not in a hurry to go back there, I’m enjoying the benefits of fresh foods – I’m enjoying the rewards of weight loss.



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