Add a Little Colour to Your Day

Hello there,

I need to bring out some pencil crayons and add a little color to my day, hopefully that’s okay with you, lol.

I’m having one of those days where because I’m not pleased at the growth in the other areas of my life that somehow I feel out of harmony…..I’m sure you know what I mean.

I’ve been coming to realize that I have a crash and burn way of living and it has been my downfall in the past – I’m sure you have challenges too, right?

I’ll try and explain it to you. (hold on for sec)

You know the kind of thinking that says because I haven’t been doing as well in another part of my life that I have to sabotage all the good stuff.

Just plain crazy thinking eh?

.You know…. as I sit and write….. I’m thinking that…. I would rather have room to bring to maturity the slow-to-grow-up parts of my life than to let fall, the things that I’m really happy with.

Wow, this is some pretty-good, positive stuff I’m thinking here.

By the way, that’s why I do this daily posting thingy, to break out of all that negative trash and to lift me back into good thinking where I can choose the right colours to brighten up my day.

You’re Amazing!!!….thanks so much for listening to me blab…oh, and….just for today

let us….. eat something healthy, track, be grateful, bounce back, drink more water, get exercise, think positively, stick with weight watching, be happy, love ourselves, put on a good attitude, never give up, attend a meeting, go for a walk, and pray more.

..because we’re worth it!


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