Take a Break

What do you do to get yourself recharged so that you don’t burn out and quit?

Body starting to get stiff and mind not fully engaged today – it’s time for some rest and relaxation. Over the years I’ve realized how important taking a break is in order to function better. I’m sure we’re not all like this but for a lot of us we are. I’ve seen more and more people over the years burning out and coming to a mental crash because too much is going on in their lives. Perhaps a day of rest may have kept them together.

And on the cautious note: another lesson I’ve learned about myself is that when I’m completely idle, the hunger cravings come dancing in wanting me to partner with them, lol. I try and stay busy with stuff that is relaxing and stress free.

After a day of rest, I usually find new energy to push forward.

Enjoy your Weekend Guys & Gals and hope you get some rest.


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