How Do You Push Yourself Into Your Goal?

Your goal is closer than when you first started. Can You see yourself dressed in it?
How can it be that after spending so many years on this planet earth, I still love to dress up? There are these clothes that have been hanging in my closet since like forever and they’re waiting for someone like me to break them free. The other day, I tried them on and they were overly, excitingly surprised to feel the warmth of my body against them once again. Now they don’t shut up and they keep whispering to me to hurry up and reach my goal.
When I get up in the morning, my deeper mind knows how close I am in achieving the sought-after-Lifetime-status. Now my body is moving in exercise long before my brain comes to life – it’s staring to be a huge problem but I’m okay with it, seriously I am!
My first few months I dragged myself to Weight Watchers, hoping that I wouldn’t have to do any exercise and to my delight, I lost a lot of weight by just tracking. Now I’m getting stirred up to get moving and my motivation to lift a weight off the floor or to skip down the street when no one is looking is building up.
What do you do to really push yourself into achieving your goals?


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